Rush Delivery is Our Only Business

Unlike other couriers, we offer and specialize in only one service – the fastest possible delivery of your important package. We don’t do second day air or third day. All we do is rush and expedited delivery.

We provide same day and expedited local, long distance and nationwide courier and messenger services. And we service every city and airport in the USA.

Have an emergency? Does your package have to be somewhere across the country today? That is our specialty. Call us for an immediate solution.

Whether your package is big or small, going 1 mile or 3500 miles, we can handle your shipping needs. Within city, city-to-city services, as well as state to state services are also available.

We have a solid network of local and long-distance couriers and messengers in every US city and are able to get your package to its destination on time and to your complete satisfaction.

Services We Provide

  • Same Day Delivery Service
  • Emergency Shipping & Expedited Delivery
  • Expedited Shipping Methods
  • Local & Long Distance Courier Service
  • Medical Courier and Specimen Delivery
  • Nationwide Courier Service
  • Same Day Messenger & Courier Service

In most cases, we can have a courier picking up your package within an hour, and also determine the best strategy to get your package to its destination in the shortest possible time.

We will quickly determine the best strategy to get your package to its destination in the shortest possible time, and in most cases have a courier picking up your package for delivery within an hour.

With our Across the Street or Across the Nation service, we will be ready when you call 24/7/365.

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How Our Service Works

Customized Shipping Solutions

Clough Trucking provides local courier delivery service in every US city as well as national same day delivery from state to state, including rush and expedited shipping – Across the Street or Across the Nation.

You may have noticed that many courier companies, big and small, only offer you a menu of one size fits all generic shipping options – A, B, C, pick one. We do not do that. We create a custom shipping solution for every delivery. We adapt our service to your needs and situation, to optimize the speed of delivery.

Our custom shipping solutions can quickly put into action any combination of air couriers, ground couriers, and messenger services – based on what is needed to get your package to its destination fastest.

And when you call us an experienced shipping expert will be there to take your call and immediately develop a custom shipping plan for you. We will take into account all your specifications and requirements, and formulate a custom shipping plan for you.

Fifty years of experience in this business has taught us a powerful range of effective strategies when it comes to moving packages, and enables us to provide you with same day delivery services.

Our philosophy is that every job is unique, and each package has to be handled differently to insure the fastest delivery. We make the specific shipping arrangements for each job and can customize those arrangements in any way that will insure the fastest delivery. That might mean a 3AM pickup, an early morning drop-off at the airport for the first light out, or driving 100 miles in the night – whatever it takes.

Nationwide Air & Ground Network

The Clough Trucking nationwide network of couriers, messengers and agents are skilled and professional and ready to help you meet your deadlines. We have been getting shipments to their destinations safely and on-time for over 50 years, and specialize in providing same day and rush delivery services.

We have a network of contacts in every city in the USA. We are able to handle a shipping job between any two addresses anywhere in the USA.

Our company has established accounts and contacts with all the major airlines that transport packages and cargo. We use several methods of air-expedited shipping such as: Counter to Counter Next Flight Out, American Airlines Priority Parcel, Delta Dash Service and United Quickpak.

These levels of parcel service have the highest boarding priority and fastest transit time of all express parcel services available. Clough Trucking Company is a TSA Certified Indirect Carrier with TSA Certified employees with current STA numbers that are always in compliance. This allows us the flexibility to put your package on the next flight out to your package’s destination, and give you the fastest possible delivery times.

We also have all the right telephone numbers and airline customer service contacts to check on the progress and handling of your important time-sensitive package.

And we will have dedicated people at the destination airport waiting for your package to be unloaded and insure that it is delivered on arrival.

Clear Communication – Keeping You Informed Every Step of the Way

We believe in full transparency when we are managing the shipping of your package. For example, many couriers, including FedEx, when they put your package on a passenger flight for shipping will not tell you what airline they are using to transport your package. They just give you their own generic ticket number, but keep you in the dark about what airline your package is on.

We do not hide this information from you. As part of keeping you informed about your package’s progress to its destination, we always make available to you the real flight number of the specific airline your package is on, and also give you the real airline cargo airbill number which allows you to independently check with the airline regarding your package if you want to.

Many couriers will let you know they picked up your package, and when it is delivered, but don’t provide any details about the status of your package at other points in the shipping process. For sensitive and important parcels this can be of concern.

At Clough Trucking with every package we handle we provide real time tracking of all phases delivery of the package as it moves to its destination.

For example, we get real-time updates from our airline partners and our couriers in the field when your package is placed on a plane, or when it arrives at the destination airport. Our couriers also update us immediately when a package is picked up or dropped off. In addition, we get updates from the airlines we use once your package is received at the origin airport and received by our delivery agent at the destination airport.

Clough Trucking gets regular updates about the movement of your shipment, and we will update you every few hours if you desire. Also, the minute your package is delivered a signature for proof of delivery is supplied to you.

Personalized Service for Every Shipment

It all begins when we send a dedicated courier to your business to pick up your package.

If your package is being shipped by air, as soon as the package is tendered at the airport counter we call the airline tracking and tracking phone number and make sure that the bag tag number issued to the package we tendered is scanned on the plane that we booked the package on and we also call after the plane lands and find out if the package was scanned off the plane

We also track the flight and make sure the flight that the package is scanned onto is on time both in departure time and arrival time. Customers are contacted in their preferred fashion by phone, by text or by email.

There are many people involved in the handling and transporting of a package, by air especially, and there is a large amount of important communication and pre-planning. We try to foresee and avoid any problems that could occur as well as keep you informed of all your options and of the up-to-minute location of your package and its time of arrival


Long Island Courier & Messenger Service

We provide same day rush courier and messenger services to and from all Long Island locations.

Just call and we will get it done. Fast pickups. Status updates and delivery confirmation.