Same Day Courier Service for Time Sensitive Packages

Clough Trucking provides local and long distance same day package delivery service, no matter the time of day or night. For over 50 years our company has been providing same day nationwide messenger and courier service, serving every city in the USA.

Our shipping experts will provide you with the fastest solution to get your time sensitive package where it needs to be. Our nationwide network of expert couriers and messengers ensures your package arrives as quickly as possible.

Clough Trucking always gives you a customized and personalized shipping solution based on your needs. And we personally track your package as it travels to its destination, and we provide you with regular shipping status updates every step of the way.

We are all about Important and Critical Deadlines! We have handled all types of emergencies. Call us, we will have a solution. We truly understand what rush means, and your satisfaction is guaranteed! We tap into 50 years of shipping experience to deliver your package in the fastest possible way.


We Give You Expert Shipping Solutions & Personalized Service

  • Expedited and rush delivery service serving every city and airport in the USA.
  • We can handle any size package, and late night pickup is available.
  • We are TSA certified, so we can put your package on the next flight out to any city.
  • Door to door service. Our couriers pick up your package and hand deliver it to your destination.
  • 24 hour help desk – always speak to a shipping expert 24/7/365.
  • We track your package every step of the way, and keep you informed of your package progress.
  • One call is all it takes. Our 50 years of experience means we can give you a fast and definitive shipping solution with just one call.


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Why Choose Us

Of course there are many options available when it comes to shipping your package. But not all couriers and messengers are the same. Clough Trucking is a unique company which provides an unmatched speed of delivery and quality of service.

Experience Makes Us Faster

Our goal is to get your package to its destination faster than anyone else.

At Clough Trucking, all deliveries are personally managed by owners Wayne and Marie Clough. They are both seasoned veterans in the shipping industry. When it comes to package shipping they have seen and done it all. No matter your shipping needs they can provide you with an immediate answer on the best shipping option, and this means your package can ship faster.

When you call us we will spring into action immediately with relevant answers and solutions at any time of the day or night – 24/7/365.

Other couriers, big and small, may answer the phone outside normal business hours, but frequently you will find that the person you reached cannot answer your questions and may need to transfer you to other people or put you on hold in an attempt to assist you.

That does not happen when you call Clough Trucking. When you call us you will get an answer immediately, and we will determine the best way to ship your item. You will get an immediate solution, and we can have your package on its way faster.

Reliable & Hassle-Free Service

Each delivery is personally handled and overseen by one of the two owners, Marie Clough or Wayne Clough. And with over 50 years of same day air courier and local delivery experience, you can trust that your package is being handled by someone knowledgeable.

We have completely dedicated ourselves to the hands-on approach and we make sure to track your package at every step of the shipping process. One of the company owners, both shipping experts, will personally track your package.

We give your package personalized attention to ensure it arrives at the destination safe and on-time.

Over several decades, we have built a professional and reliable nationwide network of couriers and messengers which enables us to do same day delivery to and from all major cities at a moment’s notice as well as expedited delivery to and from all airports.

We monitor every stage of your package’s transit, and can provide you with real time tracking of your package and will update you by email or phone.

Personalized Attention

We provide both you and your package personalized attention. You are not just a number. Every shipment we handle and every one of our clients is provided with personalized attention.

From the first time you call us, we listen and realize every delivery is unique and deserves a specialized approach. And we are always ready and able to create a customized shipping solution for our clients that meets their specific needs.

We know how important it is that your package arrive on-time and in the fastest possible way. We also understand that our customers are busy, and we work hard to make the shipping process as fast and easy as possible.

When you call us you will never have to talk to multiple people, never get transferred to different departments, and never have to waste time talking to someone who only thinks of you as a number.

When you call us a knowledgeable shipping expert who is personally handling your delivery will be available to answer your questions immediately and keep you updated.


Impossible Shipping Problems Solved

When It Has To Be There the Same Day

Do you have to send something across the country, or across town, as fast as possible?

Is the package getting there the next day too late?

Did that other service forget to pick up your package last night? Then, you arrived at work the next morning and your important package is on your desk, not on theirs?

Don’t let a missing machine part stop your operations. Our rush delivery services will get your business back on track.

Did you forget your Passport at home and now need it for the cruise ship or international flight? There are so many more emergencies – way too many to list.

We can help! As a same day courier service we specialize in same day rush and expedited nationwide delivery.

We will place your important package on the NEXT available flight. We can get it there today … by ground or by air!

We can coordinate with multiple planes, and transfer your package to achieve same day delivery across the state or across the country.

For example, we recently got a call at 10:15AM by a client who needed to send a prototype to its sales staff. The package was in Boston, and had to be sent to Scottsdale, Arizona as soon as possible. We picked up the package in Boston by 11:45 AM, and it arrived in Scottsdale, Arizona at 9:45 PM – the same day. We made use of two connecting flights, from Boston thru Chicago and arrived in Phoenix at 8:05PM.

Solving Business Emergencies

With business counting minutes in dollars, our service is for special emergency times that you just need more time to work on your project before you can pack it up and ship it to your customer. Sometimes a 9PM pick up deadline at your door passes and you might have to wait until the next day to ship. If you miss the 9PM deadline with others, we can find an alternative way to ship your package by passenger flight in compliance with the TSA or by ground messenger.

That is why our clients can call at 3AM and have their parcel placed aboard the first available passenger flight out to its destination, enabling its arrival by Noon or thereabouts the same morning, without losing another day and a whole bunch of money.

We work with every type of industry and business including manufacturers, printers, ad agencies, graphic art companies, mortgage brokers, attorneys, part suppliers and have delivered every type of item including urgently needed replacement parts, medical devices, prototypes, sale presentation materials, electronic parts, passports, contracts, deeds, and other important documents.

Clough Trucking will get your package delivered as fast as possible and get you back to business.

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Easy and Hassle-Free Shipping

Fast Answers and Quick Solutions

We know your time is valuable and our service is designed to save you time. Usually, it only takes one phone call to provide you with a shipping solution. Then we will update you on your package’s progress as it ships. At any time you can call us, 24 hours a day, and talk to the shipping expert who is managing the delivery every step of the way.

If it is an emergency we are able to jump on the situation immediately, without wasting any time, and get your package moving.

We understand that every package is different, and every client has their own unique situation. Call us, and within 5 minutes we will give you a shipping solution that will go beyond your expectations.

Less experienced couriers, and big corporate couriers, may do a decent job most of the time, but they don’t have all the answers in their head like we do, because we have been successfully delivering shipping solutions for over 50 years. When you call us you are always speaking to an expert.

We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, ready to help you fulfill your rush delivery needs.

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Get It On the Next Flight Out

One of the secrets of offering nationwide same day courier services is being able to put your package on the next available passenger flight headed to your package’s destination.

To do this requires two things – the courier must be TSA certified as an Indirect Air Carrier, and the client who is shipping the package must be verified as a “Known Shipper”.

Clough Trucking has been TSA certified as an Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) for over 24 years. Also, as an IAC we are able to verify our clients as “Known Shippers”. We can typically do this verification process in less than a half hour. And when complete we can put your package on the next flight out, which means the fastest delivery possible for your package.

VIP Communication and Updates

Wouldn’t it be great if a company took a personal interest in your delivery, and understood how important it is to you that your package get where it needs to be? We treat every customer and their shipment like a VIP.

One of the most important aspects of getting it done right is communication. We try to foresee and avoid any problems that could occur. We keep you informed of all your options, and provide you with up-to-the-minute status updates as to the location of your package as it travels, and let you know when it arrives.

You are not a number to us. We don’t put you on hold, or transfer you around. When you call us, we treat you like a VIP, and you always talk directly to an expert who can answer all your questions.


4 Reasons We Are Better Than the Competition

1. We Don’t Treat You Like a Number

At Clough Trucking, every job is specialized, and every package gets a specialized delivery. Whatever the customer wants we do.

Typically, we can offer multiple shipping solutions, and we work with our customers to make sure to find the best solution that is right for their particular situation.

When you deal with a large corporate shipper they will typically offer you a menu of pre-set inflexible shipping service options. The same limited choices they offer to hundreds of other customers. You have to conform to what they want to do, instead of doing what is best for you. We never work that way. We always create a customized shipping solution just for you.

Also, when you call one of these big corporate shippers the person you get on the phone usually does not know anything about you or your business. You are just a number. They might not even know much about shipping, and you probably will need to be put on hold or transferred to a different person who can help you. That takes time away from the emergency.

That is not what happens when you call Clough Trucking. You will always speak with a knowledgeable shipping expert who personally manages every aspect of your package’s delivery.

With Clough trucking your package is special. It’s not just another package thrown into a truck with hundreds of other boxes. With our service a dedicated courier is sent out specially to pick up your package at your place of business, and your package is handled with personal attention every step of the way to its destination.

2. We Have a Reliable National Network of Couriers and Contacts

These days it seems anybody with a van can call themselves a courier. But, many of these independent operators lack the proper shipping experience to provide you with the best service. And they have not been in business long enough to have a reliable national network of contacts and couriers.

To make matters worse, many of these inexperienced operators lack the proper TSA certification which means they are not able to offer you the fastest shipping of your package by passenger plane cargo. And since many of these smaller companies lack the proper TSA certification, they will actually have to sub-contract out to another courier that does have the TSA certification if they need to put your package on an airline. So that means more wasted time, and more people unnecessarily handing your package.

Clough Trucking was established in 1961. Over the 50+ years we have been operating we have built a reliable and trustworthy national network of couriers and contacts which means we can always give you the best and fastest shipping service.

We have developed long-term relationships with a network of shipping professionals in every state and most cities. This gives us the ability when you call us to respond immediately with a custom solution for shipping your package the fastest anywhere across the USA.

Our over 50 years of experience gives us the knowledge to find the best and faster shipping solution for you. We do not have any of the limitations of less-experienced couriers.

3. When You Call, a Knowledgeable Shipping Expert Will Always Answer

You may have experienced this. You call the big corporate shipping company and the person who answers is just an operator, or worse you get an annoying recorded menu and have to listen for the right number to press to reach someone who might be able to help you. This is the last thing you want when you urgently need to get your package somewhere.

When you are under a serious deadline, or your business is on the line, it is always annoying when you need help and answers, and instead you get transferred around to different people. It’s also frustrating to talk to someone who really does not know what they are talking about, or does not have any real answers for you.

With other courier companies you may call and you never speak to the same person twice. They don’t know who you are or know your business. Can they really provide you with a fast, customized solution?

With Clough Trucking, when you call us you will always reach one of the company owners, both seasoned shipping experts. They have decades of shipping experience and knowledge and can get right to work, and immediately provide you with specific details on how to get your package where it needs to be as fast as possible.

After your package is picked up, it is personally monitored by one of the owners, and they will be the only ones you speak to about your package – you will never have to deal with the frustration and wasted time of being transferred to different people, and dealing with people who treat you just like a number.

4. Our Experience and Expertise Means We Can Respond Faster

A recent client told us that before calling us their company’s boss had decided to call FedEx. They had a package that had to be in another state that same day. Unfortunately, the client said he got the run around. He had to talk to different people. And they had to get back to him. They said they could do it. But then they called him back and said they could not meet his deadline. Considering that he urgently needed to ship his package this was a serious waste of the client’s time.

The bottom line is that working with a courier company that has the right experience and expertise means getting your package where it needs to be faster. At Clough Trucking you always talk to an expert who can answer all your shipping questions, and give you multiple real-time options to provide you with the best shipping solution.

How do we do it? We have been doing it for decades, and have acquired a vast knowledge of the flights, airports, delivery agents, TSA procedures and the necessary paperwork and a million curves to navigate or dodge. We also have all the key telephone numbers and airline customer service contacts to check on the handling of your package.

We have the expertise and flexibility to respond to your particular situation and find the best way to get your package where it needs to be. No matter if we need to pick up your package at 1 AM, or drive 10 hours overnight, or get your package to the airport by 5 AM and put it on the next available flight. Maybe we need to use two flights to get your package there in under 10 hours, no problem, we can do that for you.

We have had situations where a package was in transit, and the client unexpectedly needed the package sent to a different destination address than the one originally intended. But, the client did not have to worry. Clough Trucking is always fast and flexible and we were able to redirect the package to the new location without any added delay.


TSA Certified – Indirect Air Carrier

It’s the law. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) mandates that any cargo weighing 16 ounces or greater being offered to any airline for transport on a passenger plane can only be accepted from Known Shippers or a TSA-approved Indirect Air Carrier (IAC).

Why does this matter to you? This is important because in order for a courier to ship a package on a passenger airplane the courier needs to be certified by the TSA as an Indirect Air Carrier.

Since 1994, Clough Trucking has earned and maintained the status of Indirect Air Carrier as certified by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

By being TSA certified it gives us the flexibility to be able to put your package on the next available departing passenger plane available that will get your package to its destination fastest. This ability is a key element in enabling us to offer you nationwide same day courier services.

It is also a requirement under Federal Law that any package that travels as cargo on a passenger plane must be handled by TSA certified people when the package is picked up and transported to the airline. This is why the couriers in our network that pick up your package and transfer it to the airport are all TSA certified.

Also to take advantage of shipping your package by way of passenger planes, the Federal Government requires all shippers to be officially designated as “Known Shippers”. As an official Indirect Air Carrier we can very quickly certify any business as a “Known Shipper” so we can transport your package the fastest possible way by plane.

Bottom line, anybody can say they are a courier, but if the courier company is not TSA certified as an Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) that means they are not allowed to put your package on a passenger airplane for the delivery. If a non-certified company needs to put your package on an airline for delivery, that just means they will need to call a courier that is TSA certified to do it, which just means wasted time, and you paying more then you should.


A Word from the Owners

Our success is based on recommendations from our satisfied clients and we have enjoyed 50 years of positive business history. Over those years we have acquired an unmatched level of shipping expertise.

We have built many trusting relationships with clients from every type of industry including advertising agencies, graphic designers, printing companies, law firms, manufacturers, rotary die companies and electronic service companies.

Our achievement and reputation is due primarily to client loyalty. In return, our goal with every delivery is to provide the fastest shipping solution available, and provide you with the smoothest and easiest shipping experience possible.

When you call Clough Trucking you will always speak to an owner, who is an expert in the shipping business, and can answer all your questions, and can provide you with a personalized shipping solution.

We pride ourselves on taking the best care of both the packages we ship and the clients who trust us with their shipping, and have been doing it successfully for over 50 years. We look forward to hearing from you and showing you how well we can serve your shipping needs.

Best Regards,
Marie and Wayne Clough

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